‘Let’s promote healthy eating’

14 May, 2021 - 12:05 0 Views
‘Let’s promote healthy eating’ Thulisani Hove


Nyasha Kada, H-Metro Reporter

Business woman, Thulisani Hove, says she is a fan of good health hence she promotes healthy cooking and meals.

Hove, who owns WeGanda Restaurant located at Newlands Shopping Complex revealed that has been her secret to her cooking.


“I am very passionate about cooking and good health.


” I find joy in preparing healthy meals.


“I prepare my meals with organic produce like tomatoes, onions, garlic and ginger without adding any artificials.


“The food tastes better and is also healthy and nourishing to the body.


” So many people suffer from many diseases or illnesses these days because of the food they consume and how it’s prepared.


“As a health-conscious person I encourage people to use organic produce for their cooking.


“A healthy people means a healthy and happy nation,” she said.


Hove, revealed that her friends encouraged her to open up a restaurant after having a taste of her good cooking.


“My friends really encouraged me to open up my own place because of my passion for cooking and here I am today with my own place.”


Her restaurant has grown popular with foodies for serving traditional meals.

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