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Popular club wheel-spinner DJ Torne says it is important for the corporate world to play a major role in supporting the arts sector in the country.

Born Tawanda Nduna, the brand ambassador of Ericanel Matemba made this revelation ahead of the release of Ericanel Matemba Riddim compilation set for release tomorrow.

The riddim, which is set to be unveiled on Zi FM and other radio stations, features an array of artistes comprising Diana Samkange, Dobba Don, Tally B, Gladiator, Jah Farmer and Mr Nice Time among many others.

Speaking to H Metro Entertainment and Lifestyle, DJ Torne said:

“The riddim is meant to promote and uplift the up and coming artistes.

“We intend to unveil new artistes through such projects hence we have so many little known artistes on the compilation.

“We also have other top artistes like Diana, Dobba Don and Tally B to cement the riddim.

“This is the first project and surely not the last.”

He added:

“The video medly will be shot at Boss George’s place near Pfukwa shops in Warren Park.”

In another interview, Ericanel Matemba boss Caroline Muguti, said:

“Since time immemorial, music and dance have always been a way for people in general, Africans and Zimbabweans in particular, to express and share all kinds of feelings and thoughts.

“In recent times it has also been used a commercial tool to promote products and services and also generate income for artistes.”

Added Muguti:

“So the riddim is meant to achieve all of the above objectives.

“It is very important for ghetto youths because it helps to express and share their feelings and thoughts, promote their musical talents and also earn them some income in the process.

“It also helps Ericanel to advance one of its goals which is to support the youths, women and other disadvantaged members of the society.

“Music will also entertain the society, the ghetto youths and also various age groups which is vital in the current stressful environment.”

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