Let’s protect our children: Biggie Tembo’s widow

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Let’s protect our children: Biggie Tembo’s widow Ratidzai Marasha with children


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RATIDZAI Marasha, widow to the late Biggie Tembo, says child abuse has no place in the society.
The outspoken widow, who is looking after vulnerable children in Harare, told H-Metro Entertainment & Lifestyle it was high time elders look after children and safeguard them from any forms of abuse.

Ratidzai Marasha

“Let us all be watchdogs on those who are still abusing children in Zimbabwe.

“Remember, it takes the whole village to bring up any child, mwana ndewe munhu wese.

“I have already volunteered to warn and report such child abuse cases as a way of thanking God for what he did for me until today,” she said.

She also said that her heart bleeds for the ritual murders of young children.

“Imagine, we recently had a case of Tapiwa Makore who was killed in Murewa by his namesake (uncle), which teaches us not to just assign our children even to relatives.

“In urban communities when you employ a maid, you are expected to do a background check of her before leaving or assigning her custody of your children,” she said.

she added:

“I remember when I used to live in Hillside in Harare with my late husband Biggie, a child was found floating dead in a swimming pool, and you would wonder what that the maid was doing in the house.

“Many people have not changed after being exposed to some economic challenges prompting them to commit these heinous crimes which need our cooperation as parents to stop ritual killings and child abuse.

“It is now my time to thank God by voluntarily advocating for child safety because honestly in my life, I am very sensitive about children safety issues,” she added.

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