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Pretiosa Chimuti

Pastor Charles Charamba has expressed his dismay over the rising child murders.

In an interview, the Rooted in Christ Ministries pastor and award-winning musician expressed his concern following the rise of murder, kidnapping and mysterious deaths of children taking place in the country.

Pastor Charamba

“Just recently, while travelling on a dusty road that links Mutoko and Nyamuzizi, we came across a child who was sleeping in the middle of the road and when we awoke him, he said he had been sick.


“This touched us greatly as there were no adults to accompany such children to and from school. So, guardians are urged to try their best to escort children so as to ensure safety.


“Children also need to be taught to be cautious not to board any strange car they see around, accepting gifts from strangers as well as walking alone where possible,” he said.


Pastor Charamba said it was high time people value innocent children, who deserve a chance to live and explore life.


“Children are our hope as a people, they are important today and tomorrow for our legacies and posterity lie on their shoulders.


“They are us, we should earn their trust so that they grow with confidence, they shouldn’t credit their survival to luck.


“God loves them, Jesus said ‘Let the children come to me…’.


“They contributed nothing to anyone’s poverty or lack of money, they owe no one any apology for being alive and they can’t be used as a medium of exchange in evil alter transactions for they have a future to lead and fear of victimisation should not be their potion,” he said.



The Fishers of Men leader has pleaded with parents to take full responsibility to protect their children and on how they can do this.


“Parents need to moderate their hustles, most are so busy running around with programmes that are meant to fend for the family, which is good, but are pressed and tempted to overdo it.


“Children take long staying by themselves. The enemy is taking advantage of the huge gap in terms of distance and proximity between parents and children.”


Asked what could be prompting people to commit such heinous acts, Pastor Charamba said:


“What I think is driving people into murdering innocent children is lack of knowledge, laziness, cruelty and unchecked level of greediness.


“We have people who have given their own souls to Satan and they are living though some means that are provided for by their master.


“The devil’s textbook has no paragraph of peace, grace or mercy, most cases are pointing at ritual killings some people are engaging in occult practices, sorcery and divination resulting in sacrificing of innocent souls.


“Some children may not be physically murdered but are being spiritually manipulated by ‘zvikwambo’ (goblins), for certain family members’ material gain. This is modern day witchcraft and wizardry.”


He also linked this situation that Zimbabwe is in with some situations that have happened in the Bible:


“One of the main reasons why the land of Canaan was given to Abraham and his descendants was that there was rampant practice of child sacrifice by the original occupants.


“They would pay homage to their idol gods Molech and Baal through burning new born babies on red-hot structures of iron, alive, the practice didn’t go unpunished, hence the overtaking of their land by a chosen stranger from far east.


“God strongly warned against doing this practice in Leviticus 18; 21 and Jeremiah 32;35.”


He added:


“We should respect the sanctity of life. People should desist from being superstitious to the extent of engaging in ritual killings.


“You can’t boost your life through the loss of another’s. Let’s shun false prophets and rogue traditional healers who advise clients to bring human limbs or blood.


“Besides, we need to be prayerful as Christians to ward this demonic culture off.”


To the parents who have lost their children, Pastor Charamba prayed that they receive consolation from the Lord.


“May the Lord Jesus wipe their tear and comfort them, may they be remembered like Job,” he said.

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