‘Let’s respect national events’

19 Apr, 2021 - 13:04 0 Views
‘Let’s respect national events’ Leonard Zhakata


Trust Khosa, Assistant News Editor

Leonard Zhakata says there is nothing wrong with citizens respecting national events as they define our history.

The Zimbabwe All Stars who performed at the just ended 41st Uhuru Gala said he also wanted to be part of the history.


“It feels good performing on such a national event as the Independence Day.


“Whether we like it or not, this day is a bit special in our history and is there for us to remember,” he said.


Zhakata hailed the gala coordinators for giving him the platform to interact with his fans in the comfort of their homes.


“It was a good feeling performing here even though it was a virtual performance where fans managed to catch the action online.


“To be honest, we had missed this as musicians and It was just an amazing feeling to be back in action,” he said.


Zhakata who ushered out all his artistic verve with well-choreographed moves said exercising keeps him fit.


“I might be in my 50s but I am one person who keeps himself through exercise.


“One such an exercise that I perform regularly is jogging which makes me fit.


“I am also particular about my diet  and health as I said,” he said.


Zhakata who brought down the house when he played such songs as Penisha, Ndaisunga Hata and Hombarume,  promised fans of new stuff to come.


“We have a lot of stuff coming with the video to the song Musandikanganwe coming soon.


“Our new album titled Mupendero Wenguva is almost ready and we are looking at how and when should we launch it.


“We are monitoring the situation  and once it’s ideal we will launch it.


“Our fans have been making enquiries but the Covid-19 pandemic has left our plans in disarray,” he added.

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