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LEVELS GOES ANOTHER LEVEL Levels with Zimbian dancehall artist Zagaze


Lianne Ndemera

CHILLSPOT Records co-director, Rodger “Levels” Kadzimwe, has struck gold.

The Mbare-bred producer is set to record top notch Zambians artists such as Mampi, Petersen Zagaze and F Jay Badman Shapi, to mention but just a few.

He linked up with the Zambians stars during a recent tour, H-Metro has established. In an interview, Levels said he was excited by the new developments.

“This is a big deal for me and, yes, I have been in Zambia courtesy of these artists’ interest.

“They approached me and roped me into their music system.

“I’m quite overwhelmed, overjoyed because their call was least expected and the recognition does mean a lot to me, so, yeah, I feel honoured,” he said.

The Chillspot ambassador has since recorded singles in Zambia, which are yet to be released.

He is still working on a dancehall riddim, which will feature both Zambian and Zimbabwean artists.

“I have been working on a dancehall tune which got me thinking of attaching my crew, the likes of Enzo, Bazooka, Ras Caleb, Shashl, just to mention a few. It will be a good opportunity to have our local artists being heard through a track, which includes Zambia’s top artists.  An extended capture, be it on a riddim or singles, we want to diversify our interests in the music industry.

“For example, Enzo’s listeners won’t be from Zimbabwe only but in Zambia, too,” he said.’

Following his work in Zambia, which has been successful, the producer has again booked himself for a Malawi tour.

“After this Zambia tour, I’ll be heading to Malawi this month-end for another recording session with artists like Piksy, etc.

“Everything, for my crew, appears to be promising.

“I think it’s high time, as Zim artists, that we engage our music territory with other nations.  Honestly it’s a grand move.”

With the aid of Scarfmore Records, a local Zimbabwean studio, Levels extended his gratitude to the group that has been sponsoring all his trips and linking his brand with various continental artists.

“Much respect to Scarfmore Studios, I honestly wouldn’t have got a chance to record with top Zambian artists if they had not chipped in for me and my team. I really appreciate their hand,” said Levels.

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