Zvikomborero Parafini

CHILLSPOT Records producer Levels and his ex-girlfriend, Shashl, who accused him of transmitting intimate pictures without her consent, were a no show at court yesterday.

Levels, whose real name is Tafadzwa Rogers Kadzimwe, is believed to be in the United States.

Shashl, real name Ashley Moyo, had communicated prior to yesterday that she wasn’t feeling well.

Despite Levels being in default, a warrant of arrest wasn’t issued because the clerk of court couldn’t find the record in their office and efforts were being made to secure it.

The parties will be summoned to court once it has been secured.

Allegations are that Levels and Shashl were dating from September 2021 to November last year.

It is the State’s case that during their relationship they had misunderstandings which resulted in Moyo ending the affair.

It is alleged that Levels tried to beg Shashl to reconcile with him, and he even followed her to Pabloz Night Club at Sam Levy’s Village, but she would not budge.

He allegedly ended up threatening her, saying she would regret her actions.

After the alleged threats, on November 27 last year, Shashl noticed that her videos and pictures had gone viral on social media.

She suspected that Levels had leaked the pictures as revenge porn as he had posted another video of them kissing in August.

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