Life is sacred, stop these murders

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Life is sacred, stop these murders


ZIMBABWE is mourning Anne Nhira, who rose to fame through her role as Vimbai Jari in the local
Soap, Studio 263.

It is painful to lose someone in the arts or in life, but the way Anne died makes her passing even more painful.

She died following a robbery in South Africa and she is not the only victim of murder.

This gory crime is not only happening in SA, but locally as well.

On Wednesday, our police crime watch section reported of a man who was murdered and dumped in a maize field in Bulawayo.

His body had a stab wound under the armpit and every week we have similar stories of murder.

Now, it is common to read about people who murder even mass murder at times the same way we read about sports.

There is nothing strange about murders anymore and many are becoming accustomed to these heinous crimes to a scary extent.

The question “Why do people kill?” has been answered in so many ways Research has shown people murder because they are “chronically aggressive, cognitively rigid and inflexible, short tempered, easily frustrated, resentful to authority, traumatised,
mentally challenged, paranoid” . . . the list is endless BUT the truth is people murder because they think murder is
actually a solution to some problem, an option.

Research has shown that most people who kill believe “violence and/or aggression are legitimate responses to variousinterpersonal problems in life that is, if someone provokes you, you fight them. But that can only happen in an uncivilised society of savages.

We read of murders everyday. The question is, did these murders solve any problem?

Is anyone happy they committed these murders? The answer is NO. All a murder does is leave one with regret and a wish to undo their deed.

Many have caught their wives or husbands cheating but they endured the heartache and moved on to find even better partners or live alone as single parents that smile a lot.

No problem or shame or guilt is worth killing for.

Life should be regarded sacred.

The media is never happy to report stories about death – no matter how exciting the circumstances leading to the death may be.

Killing someone is losing hope because you know from that moment you will either go to jail or live a tormented life.

Death is never a solution.

There is always hope. Believing killing someone is sweet revenge is telling yourself a lie.

Who can ever point at a happy murderer?

Who can ever show the world someone who is happy they killed another human being?

There is no happines

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