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…cabin reduced to ashes
Tichavona Makonese, H-Metro Reporter
A Southview Park young couple was left homeless after their cabin was struck and burnt to ashes by lightning on Monday afternoon.
The incident occurred around 2pm.

Wellington and Vimbai Mupoperi

Vimbai Mupoperi-Madondo said she was at her marketing stall when the mishap occurred.

Her husband Wellington Mupoperi only found the remains of the cabin when he got home.

Up in flames…The Mupoperi home

“It is fortunate that there was no one in the house. l had the children with me at the market.”

The vividly distressed Wellington said:

All the family’s belongings were burnt to ashes

“Zvese zvatsvira mumba; hembe dzese, ma birth certificates ne US$25 zvatsviramo.

“Nothing was recovered from the inferno.

“The property worth about US$500 was burnt to ashes and we are left with nothing, no clothes,” he said.

The neighbours couldn’t do anything to save the cabin as the disaster occurred unexpectedly.

One of the neighbours identified as Mativenga said the couple had been offered a temporary accommodation by one of the residents, whilst the community is mobilising for other donations to help them.

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