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STUNNER and Olinda Chapel’s fans are urging the pair to reconcile and embrace the love they profess to have for each other.
Or, alternatively, say the fans, the celebrity duo should simply SHUT UP and cut their reality show.

Some fans claim the two are still trapped in their youthful days despite both of them turning 40. Stunner feels people must not be enemies with their former lovers and they must be allowed to celebrate their past and the memories they created.


Their fans took to Stunner’s Facebook page after the rapper sent a heartfelt message to Olinda as she celebrated her 40th birthday. The rapper described Olinda as an incredible woman who fills his world with love, laughter and beautiful memories.

Included in the post are pictures of Stunner gifting Olinda with 100 roses which, by definition, means that the sender will be with you till death do you apart.
Earlier this year, when Stunner also turned 40, Olinda shared similar sentiments while professing her undying love for the rapper.


Some fans have blasted Stunner for disrespecting his partner Jade Mazekeen.
Jade clashed with Olinda recently, accusing her of getting between her and the musician.

Below are some of the comments from their fans:
Innocent Allied Nyagumbo
That’s maturity Stunner. You have proved to the world that being ex-lovers, you should not be enemies as well but embrace each other’s success and uphold and celebrate each other’s day.
Sophia MaiTk
Eeeeh endeka happy birthday to the lady who fills your world with love, laughter and beautiful memories. Haaa you don’t want peace, claim what’s rightfully yours.
Ashleigh Hando
Ohhh bvriiiiiiiiiiiii I can imagine how uncle Tytan is feeling now, actually in this life there is this type of love that can never end no matter how people try to move on yoh.
Macdonald Gwena
You are a real Man Dziva, some men must learn.
Annarosey Faithy
Guys this can make a woman cheap even if you are rich, kuchinjanisa ma husband kunge hembe, arima boyfriends zvirinani zvino mumarriage here?
Memory Nyandoro
You guys look perfect together. Mudhara Dziva ndoziva muri shark zvitangidzei. Tifare zvedu isu.
Esther Mutimutema Music
Yaaa, hamurwadziwe Dziva plus vanhu kana musina kutukana makaparadzana zvakanaka hapana kuitirana godo sure I like your spirit uncle. You are looking good.
Tarie Elcombe
Munhu wenyu munomuda zvenyu Dziva dzokerai henyu kumunhu wenyu. mumwe uyo munongomuti chienda mukomana ndadzoka.
Mitchy Moo
Tytan is the most disrespected person I have ever seen. Wow, this is so beautiful!
Wayne Kay Mpofu
The level of disrespect, this is so embarrassing, two males behaving like school kids pa love triangle.

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