Nyasha Kada

ELEVEN-YEAR-OLD UK-based singer, Lil Jam Safiq’s performance at the Jam Festival in Middlesbrough was a success, with hundreds of people attending the family event. 

Lil Jam’s father and manager, Jah Hanief, expressed his happiness with her performance, noting that she is improving with each show and that the crowd is responding well to her music. 

Lil Jam’s target audience is children her age and younger, and she has gained support from families for her music. 

She hopes to bring her event to Zimbabwe in future. Since gaining popularity during the Covid-19 lockdown, Lil Jam has released several songs.

She is popular for her song Fresh on the Scene.

“I was very pleased with her performance on stage. She is getting better with more shows and the crowd is also beginning to respond, which really means a lot.

 “There were hundreds of people that attended the family outing and it was really a good event,” said Hanief.

 Lil Jam has released songs like Emoji, Beep Beep, Tell them and Reggae Nice, among others.

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