Lindsay is a disgrace: Sissy

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Lindsay is a disgrace: Sissy


6 July 2017

FEMALE Zim dancehall chanter Sissy has described fellow chanter Lindsay as a disgrace to the genre.

This follows remarks by Lindsay that she prefers having unprotected sex than using condoms.

In an interview, Sissy said Lindsay’s comments were against efforts being made by different organisations advocating for safe sex.

“I never thought that someone would shamelessly make such a statement like what Lindsay did.

“She has disgraced not just the dancehall music fraternity but all female musicians.

“A lot of money and many other resources are being used by various NGOs advocating for condom use and then she condemns all that effort,” said Sissy.

Sissy urged Lindsay to make a public apology.

“I don’t think when she conducted the interview, she was in her normal senses, I suspect she was on drugs or maybe out of her mind because she took it to extremes.

“What Lindsay should do now is to ask for forgiveness over what she says because she owes me and many other musicians an apology by tarnishing our image.

“If she doesn’t want to do so, I think legal steps have to be taken against her for sabotaging NGOs,” she said.
Sissy added;

“She has been trying to make us believe that she is abstaining and that she is denying proposals from different married men.

“If she was such a saint as she would want us to believe, why is it she was after Soul Jah Love whom we all know is married to Bounty Lisa?”

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