Gamuchirai Bachi

PHILLIP Marufu has accused his wife Esnath of having an extra-marital affair, assaulting him when he confronted her and denying him his conjugal rights.

The two became stars overnight when they tied the knot in a ceremony which was celebrated as a MODEL union of the little people.

H-Metro exclusively covered their wedding ceremony.

However, things have not gone according to plan and a few weeks ago, their differences spilled into the Harare Magistrates’ Courts.

Yesterday, they appeared at the Harare Civil Court where Phillip accused Esnath of being abusive.

Esnath, the Little People Association in Zimbabwe founder, appeared before magistrate Sharon Mashavira facing charges of abusing Phillip, who is a businessman.

He claimed that Esnath was a promiscuous woman who dated her group-mates.

“We married in 2019, she is a stubborn woman who always verbally abuses me and, at one time, she hit my head after her boyfriend called her in the middle of the night.

“When I tried to engage her family, in our issues, she insulted me and justified herself saying that the alleged boyfriends are her relatives.

“Esnath took all the matrimonial property after I left the house including the Motor Vehicle Registration Book,” said Phillip.

Phillip said Esnath has also been denying him conjugal rights and she even went to his workplace at Raylton Sports Club and dismissed the workers without his permission.

However, Esnath disputed the claims saying that she never cheated on Phillip.

She said the man who called around midnight was Abel, who is a member of Little People Association of Zimbabwe.

“I admit that I hit him on the head after he made noise while I was talking on the phone with Abel.

“His manhood only works when he is injected and I never denied him conjugal rights,” said Esnath.

Magistrate Sharon Mashavira asked Phillip if he wanted Esnath to be barred from approaching his workplace and his home and he said he didn’t want her at their rented house and at his workplace.

“I want her barred from the home so that I can return and live in peace,” he                                                                                    said

Magistrate Mashavira granted the peace order.

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