Zvikomborero Parafini

THE domestic violence case involving the famous little people couple was finally concluded yesterday, with the husband being convicted of assault.

The estranged couple, Phillip and Esnath Marufu, were back in court and Phillip was convicted of assaulting Esnath after a full trial by Harare magistrate Minel Narotam.

He was ordered to pay a fine of US$75 by October 18 or two months’ imprisonment.

The court heard that on August 6, Phillip pushed and shoved Esnath, chasing her out of their house after a misunderstanding.

He also slapped her while his brother held her hands.

Then Otillia, Phillip’s sister, poked Esnath on the face about five times while holding her hands.

The next day, Esnath found out that some money was missing from her handbag after her husband and siblings had left.

She reported the assault to the police and had a medical examination.

There’s still another pending case in which Phillip made a counter assault report against Esnath.

Kudzanai Mudzamiri prosecuted.

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