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A WISE Owl High School student, who has been awarded the prestigious title of ‘Best in the World in Biblical Studies for Cambridge Advanced Level 2023,’ says she wants to be a top lawyer.

Nokutenda Makono revealed she was crying throughout the examination because she was afraid of failing.

She attained an A*, with a 93% score.

She said she cried to the extent that the invigilator was forced to approach her and check if she was not feeling well.

Wise Owl confirmed the development on their Facebook page.

“We are thrilled to celebrate an exceptional achievement at Wise Owl, where dedication to academic excellence and forward thinking education has been magnificently showcased.

“Nokutenda, an incredibly talented student, has been awarded the prestigious title of ‘Best in the World in Biblical Studies’ for Cambridge A-Level 2023, achieving an astounding A* with a 93% score.

“This remarkable accomplishment is not only a testament to Nokutenda’s hard work and passion for learning but also highlights the exemplary guidance and support provided by Mr. Dube, our dedicated Biblical Studies teacher.

“This achievement reflects our unwavering commitment at Wise Owl to providing 21st-century learning opportunities and nurturing our students into global leaders.

“We are immensely proud of Nokutenda and Mr. Dube for setting a high standard of excellence and inspiring our community.”

In an exclusive interview with H-Metro, Nokutenda, said she was afraid of failing she ended up crying during the exam.

“Throughout the whole exam period ndaingochema because it was difficult for me.

“I was even telling my teacher that this is going to be disappointing since from Lower to Upper Six I was always the overall best student.

“I told him that I didn’t think I would get the best result.

“I was crying and the invigilator at some point came to ask if maybe, I was not feeling well. God answers prayers, He never leaves or forsakes those who believe.”

She added:

“The company you keep is also very important. My best friend got 25 points.

“The company you keep influences, we are imparting knowledge to each other.

“And the support from parents matters the most. My parents are always looking for better opportunities, my father supports me a lot.

“My mother is always praying for me in this academic journey.

Ndiri mwana, panoitika mamistakes but I want to thank my parents but, overall, I want to thank God. Mwari vakanaka.

“Being the first-born, failing is never an option, you’ve got to set the pace for the younger ones.”

Her father, Simon Makono, said:

“We are over the moon, we know she is very bright, focused, we thought we had celebrated her achievement of 14 points but we didn’t know it was something global that we could have our daughter being the best in that subject.

“We feel proud as parents and we can’t express our joy, we are proud of Nokutenda.”

He added:

“Her secret, from early stages, has been prayer because she has been very consistent at church.

“I am not surprised to see this, she is gifted in arts and does a lot of reading.

“She is very focused, she had 8 units at Grade 7 and we then moved her to Waddilove Secondary and she was now showing a lot of brilliance.

“When he did her O-Levels, during the time of Covid-19, she showed a lot of resilience.

“Our daughter has dreams of being an advocate, she wants to be a lawyer. She is talking about being a successful lawyer.”

Her mother, Tsverukayi, says she feels honoured.

“We thank God for what happened to our child, being the best in the world. I have been filled with joy since I stay with the children as her father works away from home.

“She is an usher at church, she doesn’t want to miss a day of church.

“One day I gave her US$20 and she ended up buying a bible.

Ane shungu dzakawanda.  Akatomboramba kudzoka kumba paakanotora maresults eGrade 7.

“She did well at Cambridge and I see God in Nokutenda and Wise Owl has put her on this map.

“She has many prizes. We call her an advocate, and God will fulfil her dreams. God blessed us with children vanogona,” she added.

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