Locals enjoy domestic tourism

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Locals enjoy domestic tourism


Mathew Masinge, H-Metro Reporter

Local tourists who visited Nyathi Eco Game Park on Saturday have appreciated that the country has enchanting natural beauty and serenity.

About 30 people from the capital last week went for the adventure as part of local transport operator, Pamushana Africa Transport’s efforts to enhance communities’ participation in domestic tourism.

During the visit, tourists went for the famous Lion walk, game drive, horse riding and canoeing among other activities.

Some of the animals making attractions at the park include the newest member, the Alpaca, a recent import from Chile and South Africa’s Bliss Bucks.

H-Metro spoke to some of the tourists who shared their experiences.

“I always find these tours interesting and educative to me as an ordinary Zimbabwean woman.

“So far have been to every tour organized by Pamushana and all I can say is we have beautiful places in Zimbabwe that need to be appreciated,” said Chakalaka.

Boitumelo who was among the few who went for the Lion walk said:

“I had a dream trip to Nyathi Eco Game Park after I endured the scary Lion walk.

“Everyone knows that Lions are no funny business but with the help of professional the team at the game park I made it past 200 metres with the big cat in front of me,” she said.

“For some of us from Matebeleland this was a chance to appreciate what’s deep down in Zimbabwe’s nature.

“The fare was reasonable and thanks to Pamushana for overseeing the local tour but I also want invite autthorities to look into some of the pricing structures at these destinations.

“The prices are generally too high and will scare the ordinary man away,” said Nqobani Nyoni.

One of Pamushana directors also added:

“We are happy we have done our part to facilitate yet another local tour for our customers and we are happy most people are embracing our efforts to enhance domestic tourism drive, Nyathi Eco Game Park was another adventure and we are happy we passed through here,” she said.

According to recent reports by the Zimbabwe Tourism Authority (ZTA), domestic tourism is one of the segments that plays a vital role in any country’s tourism development.


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