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24 October 2018

Pictures by Tariro Tokora

LIMITED production capacity and shortage of raw materials at Delta Beverages is the cause of long queues which have become a common sight at their Southerton breweries.

This was said by Delta Corporate Affairs Executive Patricia Murambinda after H-Metro passed through the brewery yesterday where bottle store owners and individuals queued for beverages.

“As reported in our previous trading updates, the lager business has responded well to the surge in demand, with the volume produced surpassing historical peaks.

“There are some shortages of brands and packs occasioned by the limited production capacity and raw material supply issues resulting in queues at our customer collection depots,” she said.

Responding to allegations they were accepting American dollars for other brands, she said:

“Our organisation accepts all modes of payments for our products as stipulated by law and we will continue to do our best to ensure adequate supplies of our different brands and packs.”

During the visit, a number of bottle stores were frustrated with some claiming they have been queuing for days.

“We have been on this queue for two days now as you can see it is very long.

“We are sleeping on the queue and the situation is stressing since we are not getting all of orders we want.

“They are rationing orders, today they said they are only giving 132 quarts of beer per person and this is frustrating waiting to purchase a limited order after long hours,” said one of the bottle store owners identified as Jason.







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