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LOT Chiunga says he is the Miracle Man who is being used to display the power of God.

Chiunga has twice retired from football only to come back and play at a very competitive level.

He is 37, but in such good shape that he remains one of the best strikers in the domestic Premiership.

Serious injuries have haunted him and last year he was resigned to play social football for Diaspora, a club that was created by former Zimbabwe international defender David Kutyauripo.

He returned to the PSL for the second half of the season and his goals almost helped Black Rhinos to survive relegation.

On Sunday, he was the hero as CAPS United beat Arenel Movers 3-1 at Rufaro where he scored a brace.

He actually believes that it is not a coincidence that he had to wait until the Easter weekend for him to finally score his first goals for the Green Machine.

Chiunga attended a two-hour church service before heading into camp.

“I prayed this morning asking God to show me if indeed I am in the right place; people talk and sometimes you find yourself believing what they say,” he said.

“Emotionally, I was a defeated man, my life has always revolved around football but when I joined Black Rhinos and became part of the sinking ship I got to a stage where I felt that my life as a player was done.

“It’s a miracle for me to be playing for CAPS United,” said Chiunga.

He added:

“Remember I had already retired from football but God knows my destiny and I want to thank God for the goals and the way I played today and I also want to thank my teammates.

“The injury in 2019 devastated me a lot and I  decided to leave football. I want to thank my wife, the prophets who stood with me, I went to Prophet Magaya and he prayed for me and told me I would be back on the field.

“I had lost hope, I was in pain and I never thought I would get such a Sunday offering (gifts from ecstatic fans) like the one I got today.”

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