Maria Chiguvari

FORMER Orchestra Mberikwazvo guitarist Lucky Mumiriki, who was down with a stroke, can now talk and walk.

Mumiriki, who suffered a stroke in 2011, attended Alick Macheso’s 56th birthday at Jongwe Corner on Saturday, where he was paraded on stage.

The talented rhythm guitarist suffered a stroke while performing on stage in 2011.

Macheso has been contributing towards his welfare over the years.

Macheso said he was grateful for Mumiriki’s recovery.

Mwari ane simba as you all can see he is now saying words, which is hard, because it’s like he is learning to speak,” said Macheso during his live performance.

Speaking about his album’s delay, Macheso said the Chitungwiza Aquatic Complex was now small for his fans and that is why he opted for Alex Sports Club.

The album will be launched on August 2.

“My fan base is growing and the Chitungwiza venue is now small for them. Last time, most of the fans were turned away due to space.

“I think choosing Alex Sports Club was wise from our side, now any one can have easy access.

“The cold weather was the main reason we also decided to move the date for the launch, we don’t want it to be a flop and Alex Sports Club is an open space so it was not wise to go against the weather.”

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