Mabhanzi bounce back?

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Mabhanzi bounce back?


18 February 2019

African threading, affectionately known as mabhanzi, have been given a new lease of life by natural hair lovers.
Growing up, the hairstyle was popular among little girls but that is no longer the case as many young women have reclaimed their childhood signature look and given it a new flare.

If you have been following the natural hair movement you would know all about the trend and why it has become a go-to for many.
No burnt hole in your pocket

This is perhaps the cheapest hairstyle for just about anyone. At most one can part with a $1 for thread and that is about it. With the current price hikes, this might just be your safest bet if you are feeling the heat. Even then you know the thread can last for the longest time.
DIY gang

When you first go natural you are faced with the Do-It-Yourself dilemma especially if you are not acquainted with braiding. It is almost impossible to be unable to plait mabhanzi on yourself or the next person. This may be the easiest thing you can do without another person’s help. African threading is now even being used to substitute cornrows when crocheting hair or weaving.
Promoting hair growth

Protective styling is at the centre of most women’s hair journeys. With your hair tucked away under braids, weaves or thread, you are guaranteed less manipulation and a chance for new growth. Mabhanzi make it to the list of protective styles and have proven to promote hair growth through time.

When it comes to African threading, one is spoiled for choice with all the twists and flexibility of the style. You can easily shed years, look funky and even formal with the number of styles at your disposal.

Locals have in recent years been introduced to Brazilian wool and that too can be used to spice up the look as opposed to regular wool. One can even add beads to their look or go as extra as they want to achieve the style they desire.

No heat stretching method alert
“Shrinkage won’t let me be great!”
If you have tightly coiled natural hair then you will absolutely relate to the statement above. You know how your hair’s length seems to fluctuate on the regular and how water is the enemy after a blow out, well you can still realise length using the African threading method.

Heat damage is real but can be avoided by plaiting mabhanzi instead of straightening and blowing out.
It might take the highest level of confidence to rock mabhanzi but it is a mathematically correct move. You do not even have to walk around in them if you are uncomfortable, you can always put them under a wig, let it be your little secret.

The best African threading combination when you decide to wear them out in their truest form, is a pair of statement earrings, a good face beat and an attitude to match.

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