Mabvuku fights teen pregnancy, drug abuse

02 May, 2022 - 00:05 0 Views
Mabvuku fights teen pregnancy, drug abuse Some of the youths who attended the anti-drug abuse campaign


Paidamoyo Bore
SEVERAL organisations in Mabvuku have come together to fight teenage pregnancy and drug abuse.

They are engaging local churches and youths in the area.

Tinotenda Mangombe, one of the Mabvuku Child Protection Charter organisers, said the church has an important role to play in curbing drug abuse and teenage pregnancy.

“Church leaders should come on board to fight against these issues,” said Mangombe.

“The church is part of the community and can impact the society if they take this drug abuse issue seriously, they need to heal the society.”

George Kutyauripo, the director of Anti-Drug Advocacy Forum Trust Mabvuku, said drug lords and peddlers should be removed from the community.

Kutyauripo said cases of drug and substance abuse and teenage pregnancy were rising by the day.

“The bad part is that girls are also taking the substances, which makes them more vulnerable and end up with unwanted pregnancies,” said Kutyauripo.

Former Epworth Junior Mayor, Tanaka Mutangandebvu, however, said the youths should be included in discussing ways of dealing with their social challenges.

“Before implementation, youths should be engaged in programmes to do with the youths,” he said.

Ruwa police, in conjunction with VanChoga, have carried out a drug awareness campaign in surrounding areas.

The police have urged the community to report any drug lords.

VanChoga, the energetic musician, also urged youths not to indulge in drug and substance abuse.

According to the World Health Organisation, most cases of mental health issues are due to abuse of drugs and other substances.

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