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UK-BASED music producer, Macdonald “Macdee” Chiavaenzi, reckons the Zimbabwe Television Network (ZTN) channel is a game-changer and is giving hardworking creatives relevance.

The 39-year-old, who is back home on vacation, was featured on ZTN’s popular slot, Exclusive Interviews, by Erica Ndoro.

He is celebrating 20 years in the game.

“I feel honoured to be featured on ZTN, it gives us a sense of relevance after all the years we have in the industry.

“I am celebrating 20 years in the music industry, which is quite a milestone for myself and the people I work with at my stable.

“It has been a long journey over the years in the game,” he said.

MacDee said he alternates between England and Canada where he has set some bases.

“I have been staying in Bedford County for over eight months now but I also have a lot of work to do in Canada.

“I do music production and consultation, which have kept me busy over the years.

“I haven’t dumped down my Harare stable where I still run Eand ternity Production but overseas we call it Eternity Music Limited.

“Locally, I have employed my brother’s son Tadex as a producer who is working along with Mute Base.”

He added:

“I also work closely with Stella Entertainment owned and run by Zex Manatsa Junior in the UK.

“The guys have a huge PA system which can be used at big venues like our National Sports Stadium.

“The same equipment has been used at major events like Y2K Show, Zim Link Festival among other shows.”

At 39, he has tips for music producers who are wallowing in poverty.

“I am one of the producers who don’t do work for free. I believe in payment upfront and work later, which is not a common practice with other producers.”

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