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Versatility, originality and simply creative aptly sum up this young diva.

Her wondrous voice, simple and yet rich songwriting technique awe well as stage communication make her a rare breed among her peers.

Chido Machanzi

She was on demand before the first Covid-19 lockdown performing at an upmarket venue and private functions.


Inspired by both living and departed stars, she represents a new crop of divas who are multi-tasking.

Read on…


My name is Chido Machanzi, an Afro-fusion and Afro-jazz musician based in Harare.


I was born 24 years ago in the Mazowe area (Mashonaland Central) in a family of three – two girls and a boy.


My parents Wellington and Priscilla Machanzi are both alive and a source of inspiration.

I did part of my schooling in the Limpopo province, South Africa and Zimbabwe respectively.


I came back to Zimbabwe in 2011 and enrolled at Mabelreign Girls High where I finished my high school.

In the year 2015 I enrolled for a three-year Diploma in Visual Arts & Design at the National Art Gallery (of Zimbabwe) under the Harare Polytechnic College.


In short, I am a musician, painter, designer  and model.


I’m someone who has always been passionate about arts growing up as a kid.


I discovered my musical talent at college when we were supposed to make presentations of our work.


Growing up, I was also creative in music and I fully showcased that talent at college.


My parents when not even surprised when I decided to venture music.


My father is the one who runs my affairs as a manager but he gives me room to do my work.


He is a nice person with a lot of influence and in music I think he also gets the support from his best friend Chipaz (Partson Chimbodza) a music promoter.


As a young artiste, I have a lot of dreams that I would like to achieve in my lifetime.


I will be glad if I own and run my recording label as well as making a breakthrough on the international scene.


I would to create something that would become a full package for me since I am a musician, painter, designer and model.


To ensure that I achieve these goals and targets, I will remain committed to my work  and proper management of my father, I can also go places.


It was DJ Tamuka who was MTM then who discovered my talent and showed me the way and how it should be.


I recorded my first project titled Shumba in 2018   and that was the turning point of me in music circles.


I have a second album titled Mirauone which carries five songs namely Ndiroore, Washanduka, Shumba and the title track and Mama Africa.


After discovering my groove, I went on to record another project all Mafaro Mafaro in 2019.


It carries 10 songs namely Handsome Pfacha, Mafaro Ndinoada, Dilemma, Amina Kadeya, Rise & Shine, Tora, Kana Waenda Joni featuring Maskiri, Mhika featuring Caespidor and Musikana Wemagitare featuring Terry Africa.


When it comes to inspiration, I would say I am inspired by what I see every day.


I am someone who can write a song from experiences and that has made my work a bit easier.


I feel excited when I write a song which captures all that I see in our day to day life.


As an artiste, there are several people that I grew looking up to as they inspire me.


Chief among the role models is the late Brenda Fassie who died in 2004.


Other artistes I take as role models comprise the late Chiwoniso Maraire, Jemi Alade, Jah Prayzah, Beyonce and the late Oliver “Tuku” Mtukudzi.


These are some of the people I grew up looking up to since their music is timeless and enjoyable.


Besides multitasking as a painter, musician and model, I also work as a sales representative in the capital.


I have been working for that organization for the past six months or so and I do enjoy my job.


However, I will not stop doing other things that I am talented in and it is my  hope that I create my own unique brand.



I’m also one person who is very particular about time and I don’t have a problem in managing it.


As a person who do a lot of things, proper planning has made my job look easier and that is why l am managing.

Again, with proper manage I can perform a number of tasks.


When it comes to live performances, I will always remember the one we held at Glamis during the Harare Agric Show in 2019.


I was impressed to hear people singing along to my music  and it was indeed a great show to remember/.


Before lockdown, I was nearly embarrassed on stage during a show we held at Jazz 105 (now EastPoint).


The sound was terrible and I was given a mic which was also terrible.


Fans could not hear what I was singing and the problem was solved later but the embarrassment had been done.


Like any other person in showbiz, I do face financial problems  and I have no genuine sponsor who can bankroll me.


Of course my parents play their part but I am yet to get an independent sponsor or a corporate helper.


There are however special people like my father, mother  and  Blessed Simba who always make my job easier.


When it comes to things that I can say I have managed to achieve now is the fan base that I have.


Of course I might be a beginner but I am happy that I have a huge following on social media, especially youtube where people come to view my music.

The feedback I get is really encouraging to say the least.


During the lockdown, I have realised one of my hidden talents that I have been sitting on for years.

One of these talents that I have is that I can do hair.

I was shocked to discover that I was indeed a good hairdresser, the talent that I have been sitting on for years.


This is one area where I am not comfortable to share.

My fans will know first once there is something tangible.So far, I am in love with my art  and nothing more.


On a parting shot, I would like to thank my father for his managerial role in my career so far.

He has been there for me and right now he has lined up a number of collaborations for me like Beckie Johns from South Sudan among other locks.

We also want to thank our fans, promoters and media – both print and electronic!

Thank You!

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