Machembere hails President Mnangagwa

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Machembere hails President Mnangagwa Nyasha “Machembere” Dope


Trust Khosa, Assistant News Editor

HARDWORKING, youthful and registered female arts promoter, Nyasha “Machembere” Dope, says the just ended Culture Week blessed by President Mnangagwa was an eye opener.

Machembere, who fronts Big Apple Entertainment, says the President’s vision towards the promotion and preservation of Zimbabwe’s rich cultural heritage has prompted her to register another cultural movement with the National Arts Council of Zimbabwe.


Dubbed “Bira Remadzisahwira”, Machembere’s new and second stable – specifically dealing with cultural issues – will complement Big Appel Entertainment, which promotes other music genres and events.


In an interview with H-Metro, Machembere spoke glowingly about President’s vision towards preserving our culture.


“The past two weeks or so have been eventful for us in as far as preserving our culture is concerned.


“It was the same period that I attended the Culture Week launch which was blessed by the President and as a young promoter, I was challenged to play my part in preserving our culture.


“It was the same period the statue of Mbuya Nehand was unveiled and I realised that I still have the energy to do more for the cultural and creative sector.


“As a result, I then registered Bira Remadzisahwira which started off as a movement as a new stable to deal with cultural issues,” she said.


The shrewd businesswoman and socialite said she was determined to channel her resources towards the promotions of culture through the creative sector.


“Our vision as Bira Remadzisahwira is to give players in the creative sector who are biased towards the preservation of our culture a platform to shine and express themselves.


“These players include mbira and marimba players, dub-poets and other artists who are using their artistic talent to promote our culture.


“As a cultural movement, we want to tour all corners of Zimbabwe showcasing different cultures we have in the country.


“Initially, we wanted to tour Kariba before the announcement of the first lockdown but we couldn’t due to the Covid-19 restrictions.


“It is our hope that as the conditions are being further relaxed, we will be in every corner of Zimbabwe showcasing the talent we have.


“As a country, I have realised that there is also need for cultural exchange programmes where we learn to appreciate other cultures,” she said.


Following the success of her cultural movement launched before the first lockdown, Machembere has appointed mbira princess Sasha “Amaduve” Lushomwa as brand ambassador.


Sasha, who honed her skills under the great tutelage of her aunt Edna “Mbuya Madhuve” Chizema, has welcomed her new role.


“We have appointed Sasha as our brand ambassador because we have been working with her from day one when we came up with this concept.


“It was an idea which was born following the need to restore our culture and we were elated after she was invited to perform at the Culture Week launch as well as the unveiling of Mbuya Nehanda statue,” she added.


In another interview, Sasha welcomed her ambassadorial role adding that preservation of culture was important.


“Our culture is our heritage but it takes a lot of commitment   and zeal to work towards the preservation of our culture.


“I’m am one person who will give it all whenever I am invited to perform at cultural events because I know its importance,” she said.



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