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…celebrates 33 years in style

Trust Khosa, Assistant News Editor

YOUTHFUL arts promoter and entrepreneur Nyasha “Machembere” Dope reckons single mothers and young widows need focus in life to conquer.Nyasha “Machembere” Dope

The widowed mother of three said it was high time single mothers moved on and forget their traumatic past experiences to succeed.

The Big Apple Entertainment boss, who recently registered another entertainment stable under the banner Bira Remadzisahwira, encouraged single mothers to step up in her 33rd birthday message.


Machembere celebrated her birthday on Sunday indoors but shared her piece of advice with H-Metro Entertainment & Lifestyle on how best she has conquered.

“I celebrated my 33rd birthday on Sunday indoors with my family since we are not allowed to hold public gatherings as we used to do over the years.


“We are living in tough times where Covid-19 has changed our ways of life and we are now abiding with the new normal,” said Machembere who is also a young widow.


In her birthday message, Machembere was blunt:


“I would like to encourage all the single women and young widows out there that they need to focus on the right things.


“I know it’s hard for single women there to be accepted in society but they need to focus on the right things because the society will always pass negative comments.


“Young widows need to venture into business and their relationship with male partners should be purely business if they need to succeed.


“As single women, we need to associate with progressive people who are focused and hard-working”


Machembere, who is doing very well as an arts promoter and entrepreneur, said she was proud of her achievements.


“At 33, I think I have achieved quite a lot even though I have potential to do very well.


“Business wise, we have now opened a new eatery called Apple Café, acquired a new sound system and we now have our own entertainment venue.


“It’s only that the Covid-19 pandemic has been our biggest let-down but there is nothing we can do about it since it was beyond our control,” she said.


The Kariba-bred entrepreneur said she was now focusing on raising her three children.


“As a mother of three, I am now concerned with the upkeep  and future of children.


“My first born daughter Gamuchirayi is 16 while the second born daughter Laura is 12 with my son Chigozi is now five.


“My kids want pursue different career paths and I will be there to support them as usual.


“I’m actually working hard for them, I will always make sure that I give them a life and I won’t be deterred how the society views widows and single mothers,” she added.


Machembere however said she missed her mother and wished if she was still alive to bless the stocks of her success.


“I miss mother a lot, she was the reason why I keep on pushing   because she always told me to be my own woman.


“She was named Gertrude Mavis Rice, she died in the year 2000 when I was only 12   but zvavakatidzidzisa its still working; she always told me not to give up.


“I wish my mother was still here to see me and my achievements; she taught me to be good to others as well as helping the needy without expecting anything.


“She also told me kuti murume harisi ticket rehupenyu shanda nesimba if you want a good life,” she added.


Machembere who became her own lady a decade ago, has been celebrating her birthday with peers since 2004.


High profile musicians comprising Jah Prayzah, the late Soul Jah Love, Andy Muridzo, Baba Harare, Alick Macheso are some of the artistes to have hosted Machembere birthdays.

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