Machembere registers as arts, culture promoter

03 Mar, 2020 - 14:03 0 Views
Machembere registers as arts, culture promoter Nyasha Dope Machembere


Trust Khosa, Assistant News Editor

SOCIALITE and Harare entrepreneur Nyasha “Machembere” Dope is now a registered arts and culture promoter.

The affable mbira and cultural advocate, who has been hosting successful shows at her joint Big Apple Nite Club and even beyond, joins the list of hard working female promoters going out of their way to remain in the game.

Machembere is largely inspired by Barbara “Mama Red Rose” Chikosi along with other female players in the game like Wanisayi “Mahwindo” Mutandwa.

However, it is the bold move she took to register as a promotion company which is set to change the shape of game in arts and culture promotion.

Over the years, some top promoters have been operating without licences by either using middle-man or hiring other players’ papers when the need arises.

In an interview, Machembere said she was determined to operate legally as Alpha Rose T/A Big Apple (Promotions).

“Over the years, I used to run club gigs but there comes a time in life when you feel like you have grown up.

“In my case, I have seen quite a lot and I now want to challenge other men in this business and change the game.

“I will do some activities for free and others we will be expecting earnings since it’s all about doing business,” he said.

Machembere said she has many refreshing concepts which she hopes will change the lives of arts practitioners.

“In this game, it’s all about new concepts and I realised that without new concepts you won’t be regarded a music promoters worth his salt.

“To attain all this, I decided to do my work in a professional manner without cutting corners or using short-cuts.

“However, I will always support those who came before us  and I will always learn from them,” she added.

Besides music promotion with a bias towards mbira, Machembere’s team will also cater for other genres.

She has also lined up a number of festivals outside the capital with one major cultural line-up for Kariba her home town.

It will be held later this year.

Meanwhile, Machembere who started a mbira movement under the banner “Bira Remadzisahwira” said they were ready for the Kariba edition to be held on April 11 in the resort town.

Top mbira outfits from the capital and resident (Kariba) groups are set to participate at the event.

The first edition was launched in the capital last month where Maungira eNharira, Swerongoma, Vee Mpofu, Andy Muridzo, Chremba Hwesa Masango and Sasha Amadhuve are some of the groups to have performed at the event.

The Kariba community has since endorsed the festival which Machembere  and her team are set to take to other parts of the country.


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