Macheso fans in trance

16 Oct, 2018 - 15:10 0 Views
Macheso fans in trance


16 October 2018

Sungura musician Alick Macheso left some of his fans seemingly in trance when he performed at Warren Park 1 Council Bar on Saturday. He played his lead guitar from 5:14am up to 6:44am towards the closing stages of his show which left some of his fans appear as if they were in trance.

Fans took time to record videos of the event and Macheso is known to discourage that but on this day he let fans shoot videos.

He kept on strumming his lead guitar looking into the sky.

Some fans thronged the stage bringing the show to an abrupt halt when electric cables were tempered with.

His security personnel had a tough time as they wanted to take him from the stage with fans jostling to converse with the award winning musician.

As he left, some of his fans followed him to his car where he gave away some his latest album CDs.

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