Macheso gives sons green light

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Macheso gives sons green light Marcus and ESAU


15 June 2018

Marcus and Esau Macheso

Takawira Dapi and Rest Mutore

ALICK Macheso will not stand in his sons’ way if they are to pursue music while he is still alive.

Unlike in the past where parents would discourage their children to take the music path, Macheso said he will support his children’s dreams.

Macheso made the remarks after his two sons Esau McNulty and Tatenda Marcus joined him on stage at Extra Mile Leisure Spot last Sunday.

The duo led fans in singing a birthday song for Macheso who turned 50.

And asked if he will allow his sons to venture into music, Macheso said he has no problem with it as long it does not interfere with their school.

“I know how it feels when someone stands in your way of something that you believe in because I encountered it. I will give them the support,” said Macheso

“Sometimes I see them doing their stuff (music) and give guidance where I see it’s necessary.
“It is very parent’s dream to see a legacy living on and that won’t happen if you stop your children. If they are passionate about it, allow them to do it,” he said.

He, however, said they will not be part of the Orchestra Mberikwazvo set up anytime soon.

“If they want they have to master their skills and we see how they progress. They are not part of Mberikwazvo, not anytime soon.”
Macheso who is basking in the glory of the success of his recently released album said the response is overwhelming.

He said credit goes to his team for the hard work to come up with a good project.

“The response is encouraging. It’s all because of the hard work.”

Macheso will embark on a series of shows around the country meant to promote the new album.

Meanwhile, at last Sunday’s gig Esau, the eldest son to Macheso and Nyadzisai introduced the family to the fans and announced their entrance into music, saying in three years Zimbabwe will know them as musicians.

“We are here at Extra Mile again to celebrate our father’s birthday.

“We also celebrated it at the launch but the cake was supposed to be shared here at Extra Mile on my father’s birthday.

“So, briefly, we just came together as a family to support our father and to let him know that we love him as a family man.

“Since he is always there for us as a father, let me just say tavaimbira song inonzi 1940, of which iyoyo yanga ichienderana ne event racho ranga richiitika nhasi; you saw my family including my mother and my sisters led by Sharon cutting that cake,” said Esau.

He also took the opportunity to explain his relationship with Tatenda who stood beside him during introductions.

“This is my younger brother Tatenda Marcus; we were at different boarding schools.

“He grew up in the family from start, even at primary level, we were together until we went for different secondary schools and we are back from school.

“I am now 21 years old and turning 22 on the 18th September 2018.

“With my younger brother Tatenda Marcus, we both used to be in school, but when we finished, that was when we again both decided to finally venture in to our father’s music career because we got inspired and motivated after watching our father performing.

“I now hand you over to my younger brother. I think he has some few words to share with you; he is Tatenda or Marcus,” said Esau.

Tatenda, who performed the song 1940 along with Esau, had this to say:

“My name is Tatenda Marcus Macheso, this is my elder brother Esau McNulty Macheso. I am turning 21 years old on 11 July 2018.

“Yaa, zvaataura ndizvozvo mukomana, we used to go to school and after finishing, takatozongoona kuti tingoita music iyoyo iri kuitwa namudhara wedu because zvinhu zvacho hazvidi kunonoka kuitwa.

“So after three to four years, people will have realised our ability.”

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