Macheso hit by piracy

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Macheso hit by piracy


7 June 2018

PIRACY hawks in Masvingo have already pounced on sunguras ace Alick Macheso’s newly released album, Dzinovitsa Kure with vendors parading the pirated discs on their stalls.

A survey by H-Metro yesterday revealed that the pirated discs were selling like hot cakes within the streets since original ones had run out within a few minutes of delivery at Zimpapers newspaper vendors’ selling points.

Fans expressed disappointment over a few number of copies distributed by Zimpapers amid reports that a paltry 100 copies were delivered in the ancient town, which was a far cry to the insatiable appetite for the new album by Macheso’s legion of fans.

However, some vendors allegedly hoarded original discs and were selling them at an inflated a price of $2 each and by the time this reporter visited where they were sold out.

This is his 11th project.

A vendor at Belmont Press, Mois Chapwanya said the CDs were finished a few minutes after their arrival and called on the agents to bring more copies as people had shown insatiable appetite for the new release.

“The 100 copies that were brought were too few; by 9am they were finished. Someone came and bought more than fifty copies, raising our suspicion that the person wanted to sell them at inflated prices,” said Chipwanya.

A fan, Innocent Chibvura said the album should flood the market so that all who want it can get it.

“I am told more CDs are coming today; we are waiting for them. I want an original CD as I feel guilty to buy a pirated disc for my favourite artiste.

“I appeal to vendors not to burn the CDS which, however, cannot be easily copied because it’s encrypted. The distributors of the album should flood the market to beat piracy and those who may want to sell the same CD at an inflated price,” said Chibvura.


(Walter Mswazie in Masvingo)

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