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11 June 2018

. . . Emotions get better of Baba Sharo

EMOTIONS got the better of Alick Macheso when he cried twice on stage and later walked off during the launch of his 11th album – Dzinosvitsa Kure – over the weekend.

Macheso failed to control himself when his former guitarist Lucky Mumiriki, who suffered a stroke while on duty, came on stage and took the rhythm guitar from Mike Maikoro.

Alick Macheso failed to control himself and cried twice on stage

Mumiriki, who is known as Mayor within showbiz circles, suffered a mild stroke in 2011 while he was on stage for Orchestra Mberikwazvo.

A shocked Macheso shouted ‘mayor mayor’.

Members of Orchestra Mberikwazvo, who were on stage, stopped their business and looked on as well.

Lucky Mumiriki at back stage

Even the audience briefly went silent, though chances are that some did not even know Mumiriki.

And at a time everyone was waiting to hear the sound of those great rhythms on tracks like Tererai or Madhuve, Mumiriki took off the guitar and handed it back to Maikoro.

The talented guitarist then walked off the stage and for that moment, it was not business as usual.

Macheso could not control himself, shook his head and eventually tears were flowing down his cheeks.

However, the Orchestra Mberikwazvo leader seems to find comfort in the guitar and he continued with the show.

Later on, Muchapedza Matsito, son to sungura legend Tedious Matsitso of Ngwenya Brothers joined him on stage.

Matsito, who had his leg amputated after a road accident while on their way from a show in Mozambique, had his leg amputated because of diabetic condition and recently suffered a stroke.

And again, emotions got better of Macheso who started crying and this time around he walked off the stage.

Macheso later returned and pledged his support on Muchapedza.

“I will work with him kusvika zvaita. We have offered him studio to come and record his album. Ndinovimba mukubatsirwa nekuti ini ndakabatsirwawo,” said Macheso.

“When you are exposed to such situations, you remember a lot of things in life and emotions easily get better of you.

“I am also human, it’s just I am always on the limelight. Imagine seeing Mumiriki holding a guitar, you believe he is back and later realise that you are just dreaming,” said Macheso on the sidelines of the show.

This is not the first time for Macheso to cry on stage and he usually does that when he performs songs like Baba.

Macheso admits he is vulnerable to such situations given the way he was raised.

And back to the business of the night, Macheso’s album launch was a huge success.

The sungura kingpin shone on his home ground – Aquatic Complex – attracting thousands.

The huge crowd is a clear message to those who have been labeling Macheso as a spent force that he is still a giant in the industry.

As early as 7pm, fans were already flocking into the venue and Faheem Somanje was the first to go on stage and delivered a commendable performance.

Faheem Somanje

Faheem passed the baton to Leonard Zhakata who rarely disappoints before such a huge crowd.

While Zhakata was top of his game, the major highlight was on dancer Wayne ‘Musoro’ Kembo who has since joined the group.

Kembo, who recently dumped Suluman Chimbetu, blended well on zora routines confirming that he is indeed a talented dancer.

The question, however, is will his concerns be addressed at his new home?

It was a night full of energetic performances and Sniper Storm who came after Zhakata also did well.

Jah Prayzah was part of musicians on the lineup and he proved why his name is mentioned among the best.

It was very clear that people had missed their star who is now having limited shows.

One of his dancers, Excavator, had a bad night to forget after she fell in the midst of their routines and was whisked off the stage.

She did not return to join others after she was said to have injured her muscle.

After finishing his set, Jah Prayzah led the crowd in singing a birthday message to Macheso who turned 50 yesterday.

Macheso celebrated the birthday two days before with his fans at the Aquatic Complex.

Macheso was joined on stage by his wife Nyadzisai, children and other relatives as he launched his album and celebrated his birthday.

It was one of best moments for Macheso on the night as he could be seen smiling as the emcees – Kanyemba Bhonzo and Owen Madondo – introduced the family to the fans.

Macheso was presented with a cake.

South Korean ambassador to Zimbabwe, Cho Jaichel, who was the guest of honour saluted Macheso for his artistry.

Jaichel, who admits to be a big fan of Macheso, said he is working on a festival in South Korea where Macheso would play.

Some of the delegates who were present include Arts Minister Kazembe Kazembe, music promoter Daniel Masaiti, footballer Willard Katsande and National Arts Council boss Nicholas Moyo among others.

Orchestra Mberikwazvo management also took the opportunity to honour one of its longest-serving band members, Charles Chembe, who has been with the sungura outfit since its formation.

The group of celebrated its 20th anniversary.

Though all the artistes received cheers during their performances, it was a different case altogether when Macheso took over.

The fans just showed him love and the cheered him throughout his performance.

He started with a new song – Pfuma Yacho – and people sang along despite the fact that the album was released two days before.

Macheso took over from Jah Prayzah around midnight and performed until daylight, giving fans the real value for their money.

He took fans down the memory lane when he started performing songs of departed musicians.

Around 5am on Saturday, the venue was still packed and Macheso did not abandon them.

“Magitare atanga manje and tichiri tese,” Macheso was heard saying at a time everyone thought its time to leave the venue.

After the show, Macheso said he felt humbled by the turnout and the love he got from his fans.

“The love is awesome, the turnout is encouraging and I just want to thank them for that.

“We will keep giving them the best,” said Macheso.

All pictures by Tawanda Bote

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