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MACHESO PAMPERS ORPHANS Alick Macheso celebrates his birthday with vulnerable children at a Mutare care centre


Trust Khosa, Assistant news Editor

ALICK Macheso will spend the greater part of his birthday with vulnerable children at a Mutare child care centre.

The sungura ‘key-holder’ was born on June 10 1968 and today it’s his 53rd birthday.

He told H-Metro that he has soft spot for young children and today he would use his influence to cheer orphans at Chidavana Children Centre in Zimunya, Mutare.

“This year I have decided to celebrate my birthday in the Eastern highlands capital where I am going to spend the greater part of the day at an orphanage (Chidavana Children Centre) in Zimunya area.

“I’m not sure if we are returning on the same day but what I know is that I will be in Mutare meeting the youngsters and just cheer them up,” said Macheso.

Asked what he was bringing the children to make their day worthwhile, he continued:

“Obviously we are bringing them some goodies and I hope they will enjoy what we have in store for them.

“There are some young fans who only see us on TV and hear our voices on radio but they haven’t met me in person.

“So I will simply find time to play with them and have a meal with them as well as cheering them up.”

He also took a swipe at people who do not respect the sanctity of life by sacrificing children through ritual murders.

“I’m one person who loves children and I don’t understand it when people are sacrificing them yet they deserve a life like their elders.

“On that note, I say NO to ritual murders and ill-treatment of innocent children who deserve a chance to live,” he said.

Macheso who had a tough upbringing urging parents and guardians to put their children first.

“When it comes to life-changing stuff, we need to prioritise our children and work hard for them.

“A responsible father, mother or any guardian need to put their children first and work hard so that they get a better future.

“In life we once struggled to bring food on the table and the circle should be stopped by us through hard,” he added.

Macheso who was brought up at a farm in Shamva has been on the forefront in changing vulnerable children’s lives.

In most cases, he feeds orphans  and street urchins  who look up to him as a father figure.



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