Macheso pays pupils’ fees

25 Apr, 2016 - 20:04 0 Views
Macheso pays pupils’ fees



ZIMBABWE Red Cross Society humanitarian ambassador, Alick Macheso, last week paid school fees for eight students in Muzarabani.

Macheso, who was touched by the plight of children during the Zimbabwe Red Cross Society outreach programme, forked out his own money and helped the needy, saying his background inspires him to give back.


“I have seen that some are talented amongst yourselves, my mother was helped in giving my birth, I was too helped to be where I am today, so there is no reason for me to think twice in helping anyone,” said Macheso after donating school fees for the next two terms to each of the eight kids.


Macheso also said his grandmother, Ambuya Macheso, who despite being a centenarian, is still doing domestic chores and walks without the aid of the stick.

The sungura giant, along with the officials from Zimbabwe Red Cross Society, thanked the community which recited songs, poems and plays during the procession.


The community benefited from toilets, stoves health centres and money which were donated.

Meanwhile, talented dancers won copies of Macheso’s new CD, Tsoka Dzerwendo, T-shirts and other goods.

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