Macheso preaches unity

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Macheso preaches unity


. . . . set to throw birthday party for band members

Rest Mutore

ALICK Macheso reckons it is important for musicians to prioritise their workers’ welfare for them to produce quality products.

Macheso said this ahead of his performance at Club Las Vegas on Sunday where is set to throw a birthday party for five of his band members.

The concept is part of Macheso’s efforts in promoting unity within his band by holding various events which involves fans.

The Sunday event will see fans also participating by predicting the band members who have birthdays in the month of May.

“We have been united as a group. We believe unity promotes hard work at Orchestra Mberikwazvo and we decided to just add up to that.

“As we have promised earlier, there is going to be a special show at Las Vegas on Sunday which we want fans to be part of it,” said Macheso’s publicist Tich Makahamadze.

“It is always good to know that the people around you loves you. Most of these guys spend most of their time with the band touring different place.

“So we are a family and we want to make sure that they are happy which will also benefit the fans. This helps in coming up with quality products,” said Makahamadze.

He explained how fans will participate in Sunday’s event:

“This remains a family show with performance from the band. The difference here is we are having a joint birthday party for some of our members.

“So we will ask fans to name the members with birthdays before we announce them. The lucky fans will win some prizes.

“We are also promising a special performance to our fans, it’s a show not to be missed.”


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