Macheso triple celebration

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Macheso triple celebration


. . . launches 11th album tonight

. . . celebrates 50 birthday

. . . band celebrates 20 years


Sungura ace Alick Macheso will tonight celebrate yet another milestone when he launches his 11th album Dzinosvitsa Kure at Chitungwiza Aquatic Complex which coincides with his 50th birthday celebrations.

Macheso’s Orchestra Mberikwazvo will be also celebrating 20 solid years in the game, making it a triple celebration.

Speaking ahead of the celebrations, Macheso said he owed his achievements to God as he continues setting trends.

Among his achievements, Macheso said he cannot wait for June 10 to celebrate his golden jubilee along with fans.

“June 10 2018 is going to be a special day in my life as we mark what my handlers have told me it’s a triple celebration.

“I can’t want to celebrate my 50th birthday with fans and family on June 10 because I have seen quite a lot in life.

“All was never rosy in my life and those who know my upbringing know better but I am a different person altogether after learning from the best.

“I have struggled in my life but I am now living large because I really worked hard to be where I am today,” said the singer.

Although his team is still finalising the venue for celebrations, Macheso said he preferred to celebrate with fans in Chitungwiza with the spacious Aquatic complex likely to be the venue for the festivities.

“Chitungwiza is where I call home and Iife all go according to plan, we will be celebrating with peers at the Aquatic Complex.

“It’s a venue which is ideal for these celebrations and we hope to invite fellow artistes to come and join us.”

After releasing his album midweek, Macheso’s handlers say all is in place ahead of the album launch.

“Of course fans have been waiting for this album for so long but it’s now available and many are now familiar with it.

“I have engaged my producer Bothwell Nyamhondera and Arron Tom to help me with the production of the album and I hope its now up to fans to sample it.

“I have invested a lot in this projects and hopefully fans will embrace the project.

“As an artiste, I always take not of what fans are saying especially their suggestions.”

The album carries six tracks namely Chikuru Kurarama, Pfuma yacho, Ndakakutadzirei, Kudzwai, Madzitete and Vane Zvavanoda.

With Macheso marking 20 years as a solo artiste after breaking from Khiama Boys in 1998, the singer believes he has done his best.

“I have just clocked 20 years as a solo artistes and it feels good that the band is still being appreciated.

“Of course some of the founder members have left but it feels good that the brand Orchestra Mberikwazvo is still going forward.

“I just appreciate the faith fans are showing us and it shows that we are doing a great job.

“When I left Khiama Boys, doubting Thomases never believed that I will manage this outfit for 20 solid years.

“I just appreciate all the support we get from various stakeholders to be where we are today,” he said.

Macheso says he reflects on the past two decades with pride.

“We have managed to build houses and of course to secure residential stands for each and every band member.

“We have realised that most artistes died paupers but in our case, we wanted to change that perception.

“In my case I have also managed to look after the family through music and we will keep on working hard.

“I have also invested in family, which happens to be my fallback and that alone is a great achievement.

“I am also one artiste who have fellow band members at heart and that is why I make sure my fellow band members have a roof.”

Like any other artiste, Macheso believes he has not yet fulfilled his dreams.

“I will be happy when I build my arts centre in Chitungwiza.

“I have identified a piece of land measuring 2300 square meters and I want it to be a one stop facility for artistes.

“I have learnt the idea from Tuku and there is nothing wrong copying from the best.

“I have also realised that a lot of talent has gone to waste due to lack of facilities and resources.

“Once I set up the arts centre, artistes will be able to use some of the resources free of charge as a way of giving back to the community.

“Some of us passed through the tutelage of others and it’s always nice giving back to the society because we were also helped at one point.”

As Macheso celebrates 50 years, he says he doesn’t regret any challenges he faced in life.

“I’m always happy and there is nothing to regret in my life.

“In fact, I am the one who is wronged by these people and I have a ways to deal with them.

“I don’t usually read much into what people do wrong for me but the challenges I face make me stronger.

As a humanitarian ambassador, Macheso believes in giving to the poor.

“I don’t want to brag about what I do for the people but giving runs in my DNA.

“I have helped some of the people that I am not even related to.

“In my neighborhood, people always come to my house asking for help and I always do my best.

“I have also managed to help other kids who were living on the streets and I am going to build one of them a place they will call home.

“Of course there are some of the boys I have tried to help who remain unrepentant but I will do my best.

“I have realised that one don’t need to be a millionaire to give back to society.”

Macheso, who will be celebrating his milestones, has invited fellow artistes to come and support him at the album launch.

These include Zora founder Leonard Zhakata, General Sniper Storm, Faheem Somanje and Jah Prayzah.
Fans will have to fork out $8 for the rest of the auditorium and $20 for VIP.

Gates will be opened around 7pm till very late.

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