Macheso’s music deserves study: Kasamba

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Macheso’s music deserves study: Kasamba ALICK Macheso: Picture by Photovet


ALICK Macheso’s Congolese chanter, Jonas Kasamba, believes his boss’ music deserves a study.

Kasamba said this while explaining the meaning of the term “Chesology” in an interview with H-Metro.

The chanter introduced the term in Macheso’s recently-released album on two songs – Makazvinzwepi and Imfa Nimulandi.

“I feel academics should do more research on the living legend, Alick Macheso’s music. 

Legacy in safe hands . . . Macheso hands over guitar to his son Esau

“Of course, some have included him in their studies but I feel there should be studies completely focussing on the man himself.

“And, after realising that nothing much has been done, I decided to introduce the term ‘Chesology’.

“Chesology is a science, we have geography and other studies.

“Chesology is a science of the music of Alick Macheso, the sound produced by Orchestra Mberikwazvo, the sound from Cheso Power.

“So, it’s a science that I want academics currently in universities, or generations to come, to study. 

Macheso shares his birthday cake with his mentor, Nicholas Zakaria

“That, if you want to make a good sungura sound, you must follow the Chesology tactics,” said Kasamba.

He said he was delighted that Macheso’s music was now being studied at different universities around the world.

This is a fulfilment of his lines on the song Madhuve.

In the song, which was released in 2007 – off the album Ndezvashe-eh, Kasamba predicted that there will be studies on Macheso’s music.

A Macheso fan living with disability showcases his dancing skills. — Pictures by Takawira Photovet Dapi

“In future, there shall be a case study, once upon a time, there was a music prophet, Alick Macheso the maestro, who made the blind to see, the deaf to hear and see the vibration of Extrabasso, show them the way in the name of the Mighty God, nekuti Ndezvashe-eh,” chanted Kasamba.

Kasamba is known for inventing a number of chants that are now popular in music circles.

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