Madam Boss on new beauty products

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Madam Boss on new beauty products


14 November 2018

…industry easier because of hubby

It’s almost impossible to go through social media without seeing Tyra Chikocho, well known as Madam Boss, endorsing one product or the other.

The musician-cum-comedian has risen to be one of the most recognised brands and now has a beauty line which will be available for purchase a week or so from now.

The line, which has been named Madam Boss Beauty Products, has lipstick, lipgloss, mascara, facial cream and perfumes under its ReD Xtreme collection.

“We expect ReD products to start selling mid-November and we plan for launching first weekend of December, prices will be reasonable while offering the highest quality of products.

“Looking beyond has always been my most inspiring line of encouragement, with the Almighty as my personal Saviour and motivator, my husband Mhofella, my brother-in-law Tinos Viriri aka DJ Slice and Aunty Tina in the structure of brand new beauty line of products.

“God’s time is and will always be the best timing in life, these products will be rolling in at a time when Madam Boss network keeps growing and touching people’s hearts through laughter.

“Making people laugh and relieving stress is a God given talent that should always be shared around the world,” she said.

Madam Boss, who has been sharing pictures of herself dolled up in her own line of makeup, said her team is also working on a clothing and handbag line.

The entertainer has been working with a Canadian media graphics company to realise her dream.

She went on to say the industry has not been easy even for her but she is lucky to be working with her husband who has been doubling as her manager.

“These moves are being driven by the fact that it is high time we start believing in our own and celebrating our own.

“I work with my husband so I get a lot of respect from other people especially men in the same Industry or clients.

“I cannot say I struggled much due to the unwavering support from him and my family who made it easy for me to penetrate the industry,” said Madam Boss.

Over the year she has worked with a number of well-known local and international brands who are eager to be associated with her name.

Some of the companies include Primkett Visa and Travels (Kenya and Dubai), Pumkin Teatox (Dubai) a move which she said is a result of the support she is getting from fans and corporates.

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