Arron Nyamayaro

MADZIBABA Gideon has denied claims by his ex-wife that their daughter was buried the same day she died last year.

Madzibaba Gideon, whose real name is Sibiniyo Chikurunhe, told H-Metro that his ex-wife, Memory Munanairi (49), was just a bitter woman.

He said that their daughter died due to food poisoning and was buried in a proper manner.

He accused Memory of trying to tarnish his reputation and that of their church by making false accusations.

He said they should have resolved their dispute in court instead of involving the media.

Madzibaba Gideon’s comments came after Memory’s claims went viral on social media, causing a public outcry.

“Memory decided to pack her belongings sometime in April last year soon after the burial of one of our children,” said Madzibaba Gideon.

“We had a misunderstanding following the death of three family members, who included our child, in a case of suspected food poisoning.

“I accused her of causing the death and she packed her belongings and left.

“She tried in vain to make a police report against me on false accusations. After all her attempts failed, she decided to engage the media and made them believe her lies.”

He added:

“She went on to attack our church because her attempts to fight me hit a brick wall. Church yaMadzibaba Ishmael yapinda papi panyaya dzangu naye?

“We have courts to settle our disputes instead of making false allegations against the church and my person without facts.

“Our child died last year at the age of 26, but Memory spoke as if it happened a few weeks ago in a radio interview, and was begging for help.”

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