Madzibaba is a living legend: Somerai

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Madzibaba is a living legend: Somerai Nicholas Somerai


Trust Khosa, Assistant News Editor

SOUTH Africa based musician Nicholas Somerai on Tuesday hailed Madzibaba Nicholas Zakaria as a legend in every sense.

The 48-year-old saluted the Khiama Boys founder as the pair is working on a revised version of Somerai’s yesteryear classic, Mudiwa Wangu.


H-Metro has been informed the new version of the song will have a sungura and contemporary flair as they want it to appeal to more fans.


After selling his idea to Madzibaba, the Masvingo born singer said Madzibaba is a creative genius who deserve special recognition.


“Madzibaba is a music legend in our music industry, in every sense of the word and a person who has got the utmost respect for his craft. Above all – he is extremely humble.


“On that note, I cannot attach value to the works of Nicholas Zacharia – he is invaluable and therefore my working with him is an honour to me,” he said.


Asked how he managed to convince Madzibaba to work with him on this project, he said:


“We are good friends from very long back. He was an over-border truck driver at one time and I am in the shipping industry, that’s when our paths first crossed and we promised each other back then – more than a decade and a half ago that our meeting must one day culminate into tying our artistry into one project – more like “NicholasSQUARED!!”


Somerai, who has been resident in South Africa for years, said he was pleased with the progress he has made as well as life after lockdown.


“I don’t want to upset God by being ungrateful,” he said.


Like any other artiste, Somerai outlined how he intends to launch the album on Covid-19 lockdown.


“We lost a lot of time during the Covid-19 lock-downs which might push out the release of this song beyond the festive season of 2020 into Easter of 2021.


“Whilst all instrumentation was masterfully laid down, the main vocals and backing vocals are work in progress. For this reason – the timing of the launch and its format will be communicated at a later date.


“Regarding the production of video, it will be will be a must do. I also have “museve” techniques in my feet,” said Somerai whose versatility has made him a household name in the late 90s.


Born and bred in Chivi, Masvingo, Somerai insists he still has Zimbabwean music fans at heart.


He is also one of the artistes who respects both living and departed legends despite him being a veteran in his own right.


Somerai said his relationship with Madzibaba which started long back will certainly yield more collaborations as long as the two’s demanding schedules allow them.

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