Arron Nyamayaro

THERE was drama in Nyabira when Madzibaba Ishmael fumed at officers from the Registrar General’s Office over the requirement for children born at his compound to have birth certificates.

He said he was the leader and his orders were not questionable.

Hatiudzirwe zvekuita pavana vedu mazvinzwa,” fumed Madzibaba Ishmael.

“You came here armed following false reports you received about us.

“You failed to address or find time to teach our families the importance of birth certificates.

Muri kuadii mazita evana vedu, kana mavanyora mazita acho ibvai maenda navo tinosara tichibereka vamwe.”

He added:

“We do not see the importance of birth certificates, taking our children to school or for medical treatment.

“We are not sick, we are not fools since fools cannot carry out the projects you saw here.”

A number of young women at the compound were forced into early marriages and no payment of lobola was made.

Madzibaba James Gwenzi, 55, told H-Metro that they are against the payment of lobola.

Isu hatibvise mombe, mbudzi kana mari yekuroora mukadzi kwete,” said Madzibaba Gwenzi.

“We do not limit the value of a woman to the exchange of money or beasts.

“Paying lobola is like you are buying the blood of your wife, that is an abomination before God.

Kana ndawirirana nemudikani wangu ndawonawo kuti avezera rekuitwa mukadzi tinongogarisana neniwo handibvunze roora kune anenge atora mwanasikana wangu,” said Madzibaba Gwenzi.

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