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MADZIBABA LOSES EAR Madzibaba Learny Matambudzo


20 June 2018


…relatives blame prophet over death


Madzibaba Learny Matambudzo

A MADZIBABA Learnmore Matambudzo had his ear cut off after being suspected to be behind the death of a Retreat Farm man.

The Johanne Masowe YeChishanu Madzibaba Learny was manhandled by mourners on Monday night resulting in him losing his ear when he attended the funeral wake for Godfrey Kamudzeya whose wife Brenda Musipwi attended church at his shrine.

Kamudzeya died in arson when he was doused with petrol and burnt outside his mother’s home amid allegations that he had some missing body parts.

Madzibaba Learny yesterday made a police complaint for assault at Waterfalls Police Station – RRB 3562896.

The late Godfrey Kamudzeya

However, there has been trading of accusations with Kamudzeya’s relatives alleging that when their relative died he had gone to assist Madzibaba Learny whose car had run out of fuel.

“That night was ominous because the night Kamudzeya died he had had an accident and went to his in-laws’ house telling them of the unfortunate incident.

“He then proceeded to his home where he received a phone call from Madzibaba Learny that he had run out of fuel and wanted assistance,” said one of the relatives.

The relatives said it was heart rending that Kamudzeya was to be found dead outside his mother’s house the following day.

“We found Kamudzeya dead in the morning at his mother’s house and there were missing body parts.

“Madzibaba was the last person to talk to Kamudzeya before his death and to find him burnt in the morning raises a lot of eyebrows,” said another relative.

Madzibaba Learny was assaulted after wanting to lead the family in ensuring that postmortem was conducted.

Sources say this then ignited the assault he got as there were suspicions that he could have known what happened to Kamudzeya.

“How could he come here wanting to lead us into making investigations? There was already suspicion so he was beaten by people and had his ear cut off in the melee. He lost his ear in the fracas,” the source said.

Madzibaba Learny, however, insisted that his hands were clean saying he was just a Good Samaritan who got assaulted and lost an ear.

“When I heard of the funeral I gave them $60 for their errands while they dealt with Kamudzeya’s issue but I was beaten for that.

“I wanted to take the relatives for postmortem but I was attacked on our return.

“In the process I lost my $400; I also lost my phones,” he said.

Madzibaba Learny said he was assaulted by the deceased’s mother and that incited people to beat him.

“I could have died were it not for the escape that I did. I know my assailants,” he said.

Madzibaba Learny said he never made any call to Kamudzeya on the fateful night.

“I never called Kamudzeya.”

Kamudzeya’s wife Musipwi said Madzibaba Learny had been helping her with prayers all the while refusing to shed the nature of prayers.

Brenda Musipwi (C) and her mother Jane Musipwi (R)

“I never had a child and it is through those prayers that you now see me pregnant.

“I was locked by my in-laws because I could not have a child but I got help from Madzibaba Learny,” she said.

Police were still investigating the issue last night.

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