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Trust Khosa, Assistant News Editor

Madzibaba Nicholas Zakaria is not happy at reports that his South Africa based nephew has taken over Khiama Boys.

His camp leapt to the 65-year-old’s defence saying he was only helping his nephew Washington Zakaria.

Washington Zakaria

Traditionally, according to Zakaria’s handlers, Washington is regarded as Madzibaba’s son.


However, social media reports suggesting that Madzibaba had taken a sabbatical and handed over the band to Washington have been cleared by his management.

Washington Zakaria

“We came across media reports suggesting that Madzibaba had groomed a new heir apparent to the throne which is totally wrong.


“It’s unfortunate that when a picture of Madzibaba alongside Washington was posted, many people claimed this was the new heir to the throne.


“Madzibaba would never quit or handover the band to someone because music is his lifestyle and runs in his DNA,” Lazarus Zakaria who is running the Khiama Boys’ affairs told H-Metro Entertainment & Lifestyle.


Boss Lazzie, as the affable manager is fondly known, further clarified the matter saying that Madzibaba was only mentoring Washington.


“It’s no secret that my brother had to travel all the way from South Africa to meet Madzibaba who assisted him to record his debut album titled Kuzama Zvese.


“Madzibaba has been grooming strangers over the years and this time around he decided to groom someone from the family.


“It is my hope that the album will be embraced by many and probably usher revellers into the party mood ahead of the usually money-spinning festive season,” he said.


In another interview, Washington Zakaria who featured Madzibaba on a Chewa song titled Antu Achuma, said he feels blessed after featuring the sungura godfather on the track.


“I have recorded this album at Trutone Studios under Jabulani Ndlovu but let me hasten to say that one of the Chewa songs on this project titled Antu Achuma will no dout have a regional appeal.


“Other songs to look forward to on this album comprise Ziva Zvawakavinga, Muroora, Abel, Tonderai, Kuzvivambira Hondo Nerudo and of course the title track Kuzama Zvese.


“If all go according to plan, fans should brace for this well-knit album at the end of October.


“We have since started working on its visuals and it is my hope that it will be embraced by many,” he said.


The 38-year-old Washington, who doubles as a truck driver, hailed Madzibaba for having patience in him.


“Currently, I am really working hard to ensure that I build the moment and make sure the album is a triumph.


“I have since managed to buy my own musical kit to ensure that we do rehearsals and I am really geared to be my own man,” he said.


He added:


“Growing up, I have always been a Khiama Boys fan and son.


“I fell in love with my uncle’s sound and I will definitely continue to be a fan because this is our heritage.


“I can safely say I eat, live and dream the Khiama Boys sound, which has been made popular by my uncle who laid the foundation.


“I, therefore, feel humbled by my uncle’s gesture to allow me a chance to record a full album with the Khiama Boys.


“I really promise to make this worthwhile and I hope the fans support me.”


Washington who is steadily building his camp across the Limpopo, has been learning from other yesteryear musicians.


His uncles Madzibaba and of course Zacharia Zakaria have been assisting him to hone his artistic skills.


“This is just the beginning for more to come from me but I will always learn from my uncles  and continue to consulate them whenever I need their expertise.


“I am grateful to have these relatives who support my vision,” he said.


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