Arron Nyamayaro

MADZIBABA Owen Chingondi says his tour of duty of Dubai, where he explored how the country combines business and religion so successfully, was a milestone adventure.

He returned from Dubai on Monday evening.

He took some members of his congregation on the business tour where their main focus was to learn how the United Arab Emirates has successfully mixed business and religion.

“We had a successful missionary journey to Dubai, with some of our aspiring businesspeople among our congregation,” said Madzibaba Owen.

“Our mission was to see how other religions conduct their business and develop their people’s lifestyles.

“We were received with honour considering that we were coming from Zimbabwe, a country they describe as fast developing, since the coming on of the Second Republic.

“They showed us some old pictures of Dubai and how things have changed and encouraged us to complement Government efforts for national healing and development.

“They told us that Dubai was not built in a day but it took time, with the support of patriotic people who believe in themselves and believe in working for their country, other than relying on other nations for success.”

He added:

“We met Moslems, among other religious groups, and they taught us the importance of doing everything on time.

“Vanowana nguva yekushanda vowanazve nguva yekunamata hanzi zviviri izvozvo zvinobatsira pakubudirira.

“We managed to engage other Zimbabweans living in Dubai to consider investing their businesses home.”

Robert Gabriel Mugabe International Airport was buzzing as members of the Johanne Masowe yeChishanu Velvet converged to welcome Madzibaba Owen and his delegation.

Among the people who were there to welcome the team was Madzibaba Moses Gwasira, the national chairperson of Vapostori.

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