Madzibaba Spenlodge slams xenophobia

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Madzibaba Spenlodge slams xenophobia Madzibaba Spenlodge


Praise Masvosva, H-Metro Reporter

… ‘It’s the work of devil’

Johanne Masowe leader Madzibaba Spenlodge Madenyika has slammed South Africans for their xenophobic attacks on fellow Africans.
Madzibaba Spenlodge who leads a Lusaka shrine in Highfield described the xenophobic attacks as ‘satanic’ and they need deliverance.
“South Africans and their leaders are behaving like satanists, how they can kill fellow brothers and sisters.
“They have gone to look for greener pastures in their land due to different reasons but in return they are being killed.
“We should be brothers and sisters keepers rather than to inflict pain on them.

Madzibaba Spenlodge

“Tobudirira sei kana zvichidai  Mwari havafari zvachose and it’s something that is so serious,” he said.
He added:
“I pray that the responsible authority intervene with immediate effect before we see more casualties.
“I am told they are threatening to continue persecuting foreigners.
“South Africans are very lazy people and they do not want to work with their hands, they bask in other people’s glory.
“I blame all the South Africans because its leadership always pour cold water on foreigners.
“They always throw missals on them with their hate speech.”
Madzibaba Spenlodge urged people to continue to pray for the whole continent because the devil is on high alert.
“It’s the work of the devil and his followers who are in South Africans’ heart honestly how can they burn a fellow human being.
“As I was praying today I was asking God to get in the hearts of our leaders so that they lead people in a way that pleases him.
“We all belong to Africa and I am disturbed by the events which are taking place.
“Those who are responsible for the human rights in the world should quickly intervene ndirikurwadziwa zvikuru.
“Vanhu kuurayana  kunge huku here hazvidi  kudaro and they would even laugh  when one is burning to death.
“They dont even have moyo wekunzwirana, its heart breaking to see hard workers die.”
Madzibaba Spenlodge also labelled xenophobia as self-hurt.
“To me Xenophobia is self-hurt because you will be inflicting pain on fellow blacks.
“We are of the same colour and the borders are only separating us but we all from Africa.”


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