Madzibaba unveils 28th album today

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Madzibaba unveils 28th album today SENIOR LECTURER . . . Nicholas Zakaria is credited for nurturing a number of musicians


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Madzibaba Nicholas Zakaria says he feels humbled by the support he is getting from various stakeholders ahead of his album launch to be held in the capital today.

The virtual launch is a bit special to the Khiama Boys founder who will be unveiling his 28th album titled Zadziso, a rare feat on the local showbiz scene.

Esteem Communications under the aegis of Takemore Mazuruse is behind the launch.

On this album, Madzibaba collaborated with his mentee Simon Mutambi who honed his skills under his tutelage.

“This is my 28th album and I see the grace of the Lord to be here doing what I was called for.

“On this project, I worked with Mutambi who penened three songs namely namely Chitsaru, Upenyu Ivhiri and Mudiwa while I wrote songs Zvamazuva Ano, Pafunge and Kurairwa in return.

“I wanted to show the world that as sungura artistes we can also do things differently n and this is the result of the good relation I have with the youngster and of course the corporate world,” he said.

In another interview, Mutambi said he was looking forward to the virtual launch.

“What I can only say is that I have been given an opportunity to shine and this is the beginning of new things to come.

“I never dreamt of launching an album at a hotel with a host of sponsors marketing their brands,” he said.

Esteem Communications Creative Director Walter Chiyanja said it was all systems go.

“All is in place for the launch and as the title of the album Zadziso suggests, it’s a fulfillment of Madzibaba’s dream.

“We would like to our sponsors who comprise Bullion Group, Wezhaz Executive Cars, ProAir, EzeeKleen Detergents, Nashtv, Sword Ministries, Chipaz Promotions, Lonestar Construction and Engineering, Kitchen-Link, Joem Enterprises, H-Metro, Nashtv, Milton Trucking and Dream Team Entertainment for supporting the event,” he said.

Fans will be able to catch the action since there will be a live streaming for the event from 7-10pm.

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