Mangaliso Kabulika

AN Apostolic sect member from Rugare is accused of forcing her sick girlfriend to have sex with him all the time despite her battling cancer.

Lesey Gwenya claims Owen Kueli beats her if she refuses to have sex with him even though he knows she is not feeling well after she was diagnosed with cancer.

She approached the Harare Civil Court seeking a protection order.

Lesey said Owen stalks her at work, and in the community, seeking to know her whereabouts.

She said he is also stalking her children.

“I can’t have sex all the time due to my condition, but he forces me.

“He is always following me and he even threw some broken claypots, wrapped with black cloths, at my parents house where I’m staying.

“I’m not sure of their significance.”

In response, Owen said:

“I don’t know that she has cancer as she never told me.

“She is only trying to fix me because I also applied for a protection order against her.”

Lesey was granted a protection order by magistrate Johanna Mukwesha, which is valid for five years.

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