‘Madzibaba’ who wears suits

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‘Madzibaba’ who wears suits Madzibaba Mateo


15 June 2018

Madzibaba Mateo

AN Apostolic sect leader in Budiriro has defied odds by attending to clients at his shrine while wearing designer suits.

It has become a norm to see apostolic church leaders clad in white robes (garments) but this is not the case with Prophet Mateo, who has earned himself the name Madzibaba Mateo in Budiriro.

The Church of God founder is always dapper in designer suits, typical of prosperity gospel prophets.

Madzibaba Mateo says his sense of dressing was meant to change the society’s perception vapositori leaders.

In an interview, Madzibaba Mateo said he was following the biblical scripture on cleanliness which is next to Godliness.

“Remember we are a generation of great things, God wants us to be smart and presentable. When helping people, a man of God has to be smart and believable to the people he will be assisting.

“So for me, my story is different because I maintain both smartness and assist people in whatever way,” he said.

The self-proclaimed smartest man of God visited Karai last week where he helped several people whre he is set to return this weekend demand.

“I am going back to Karoi by public demand because zvatakabata ikoko last week zvikuru, takasiya mapere, varoyi, zvidhoma zvichimhanya.

“So this is another chance for other people to get deliverance and leave sins. I saw people in Karoi are in need of help, because kune varoyi vanotyisa, zvino isu ndokubasa.”

Madzibaba Mateo, claims to be the final destination for people’s problems and has been assisting people with different ailments and problems for years and many have testimonies to his assistance.

“We will be at Chikange Hall (PaClinic) in Karoi and all are invited to get their deliverance,” he said.

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