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A SELF-STYLED prophet stands accused of wrecking a seven-month-old marriage.

Madzibaba Tonderai Sithole is reported to have given prophecies to Charmaine Nyangani that the stillbirth she suffered was caused by her husband Marshal Tom.

Madzibaba Tonde went on to lure Charmaine into his congregation claiming that he has power to protect  her from the evil spirits causing her to face mishaps and help her pray for a better husband.

Contacted for comment, Madzibaba told H-Metro that he was protecting his member from getting married to a polygamous man.

Ini handina kuparadza imba yavo, asi kana ndiwewo nhai journalist dai waive mufundisi wemudzimai uyu waimutendera kuenda pabarika here?

“Charmaine is the one who told me that she was not comfortable to be married to a man with two wives.

“I stood with her and when she brought Marshal to my shrine, I ordered them to have few minutes of discussing if they wanted to continue as husband and wife.

“As for me, I just told them what the spirit had revealed to me.

“If their marriage collapsed, I am not responsible,” said Madzibaba Tonde.

Marshal told H-Metro that Madzibaba Tonde ruined his marriage so as to seduce Charmaine.

“Madzibaba Tonde ibere rakapfeka makushe ehwai.

“He gave false, misleading and malicious prophecies to my wife with the intention to destroy my marriage and win my wife’s heart.

Kana ndimiwo mudzimai aifungei audzwa kuti ndini ndakauraisa mwana?

“How could I marry someone and within some days become a witch and threat to her life?

“I paid lobola on December 16, 2023, and Charmaine consulted Madzibaba Tonde behind my back as well as her parents’ back.”

He added:

“She came with that false prophecy and I asked her to lead me to Madzibaba Tonde.

“It is at Madzibaba Tonde’s shrine where I was ordered to have some minutes with my wife to discuss our future as husband and wife.

“Madzibaba Tonde went on to tell Charmaine that it was better for her to live alone since she is gainfully employed as a nurse.

“I later discovered that Madzibaba Tonde has a record of wrecking marriages, especially if the woman attracts his eyes.

“Charmaine is now accusing me and my whole family of causing the death of the child.”

Charmaine refused to entertain H-Metro for her side of the story.

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