Madzimai snatched my hubby

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Madzimai snatched my hubby


9 January 2019

Elinera Manyonga

A STUDENT teacher at a local college yesterday dragged her husband to court claiming $300 for the upkeep of their two children.

Nespatty Chironzera told the court that a certain member of an unnamed apostolic sect snatched her husband from her and she could not raise her two children alone hence she needed maintenance.

“Madzimai has destroyed my marriage your worship to the extent that my husband left me alone with our two children.

“I cannot take care of them alone because l am only but a student teacher with no salary.

“If only my husband could give me $300 maintenance since he is a policeman, then l won’t even bother them though it hurts me since I’m the one who introduced these two when my husband and I were seeking spiritual guidance from madzimai,” she said

In response, Innocent Kazondo denied being Chironzera’s husband and said they were only cohabiting.

“Your worship, she is not my wife we only lived together for a short time.

“I can only offer her $100 out of the goodness of my heart,” he said

Chironzera almost cried in court after hearing her ‘husband’s’ words and she said:

“He is a liar, he is my husband and he has been paying for my school fees at the teacher’s college before madzimai told him l was a witch.

“Madzimai havana kana nyadzi mufunge izvezvi she is here vaperekedzana,” she said

Presiding magistrate Gofa Marehwanazvo then ordered Kazonndo to pay $150 maintenance starting January 31.

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