Magaya challenges youth

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Magaya challenges youth


5 February 2018

PROPHETIC Healing and Deliverance ministries founder, Prophet Walter Magaya has urged youths to convert trash to treasure.

Prophet Magaya said this on the sidelines of the cleanup campaign that saw thousands of PHD ministries followers invading the Harare central business district with brooms.

He narrated a fascinating story of how one’s rubbish can be another man’s treasure, urging youths to visit his hotel in Prospect to see what he built using pieces of floor tiles thrown away by the builders.

“Second hand clothes are making other people drive cars, scrap metals have helped people along Mukuvisi River build houses and some are fully fledged business people because of craft work,” said Prophet Magaya.

“One can make a living from scraps of metal, bits of wire, broken appliances and old tyres others would confine to the trash heap.

“From picking up litter, collecting junk at scrapyards and transform it into artistic masterpieces one can end up opening own museum.

“We have companies that employ a number of people for waste management but one who is looking for employment leaves litter thrown by people on streets instead of thinking big and trying to make money out of it,” he said.

Prophet Magaya added that cleanliness is a Spiritual work accepted by God.

“Cleanliness is among the fruits of the holy spirit and by this clean-up we are allowing people to breath fresh air and prevent health hazards,” said Prophet Magaya.

“Our Lord and savior Jesus Christ healed people from sickness and diseases and the difference between the two is what we are preaching to people today.

“If people wake up daily and make sure their bedrooms are clean, clothes they put on and food they eat and walk on clean streets God will never forsake them since they will be walking in the Spirit and not fulfilling the lust of the flesh.

“Families are bringing some of their relatives affected by diseases that can be prevented by taking hygiene seriously.

“So, I am urging the youths to take this cleaning exercise as their daily bread, a habit, a means of walking not by flesh but by Spirit and enjoy its fruits like love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control there is no law against such things,” said Prophet Magaya.

He said dirty people do dirty things since they have dirty minds.

“Our elders urge children to clean where they sleep, teeth, clothes, plates and outside the house so if we all practice this, our city will ever be clean and able to attract investors and visitors.

“Let us throw litter in bins and remind those who throw litter everywhere to keep our city clean,” said Prophet Magaya.

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