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AMOS Mahendere insists he is not going back on his decision to release amapiano songs and boost his appeal among the youths.

His first project — Amapiano Praise Hymn Volume 1 — will be available online later this week.

After shelving recording new music for a couple of years, to concentrate on scouting and music production, Amos is back doing what he knows best.

“Like I said late last year, the new crop of artists is taking over and it is high time we join the movement.

“It’s clear that we risk losing relevance and the best way is to join them and be counted among the trending artists.

“The Young Turks have literally taken over and technology keeps on evolving.” 

He added:

“I have been working with a young producer called Mr Panashe, who has been helping me to experiment with new sounds.

“I don’t regret this decision which I have made because it will assist me to  win new souls to Christ.

“As a mature person, I am doing gospel on an amapiano beat. It’s a beat that we need to embrace at the moment because it has taken the world by storm.”

Mahendere is upbeat his new recruit, Pastor Clara Makasa, will make a huge impression.

“Pastor Clara Makasa is a talented artist and, for her talent, she deserves to be out there with other big names.

“Her new song, Inzwi Rine Simba, is doing well on the radio charts.

“We just wish her the best as she opens a new chapter in her career.”

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